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HomeChapter Recognition Award 2018

ICF North Texas Named 2018 Honoree
in ICF Global Chapter Recognition Program

The International Coach Federation (ICF) recognizes and annually honors its individual members, chapters, and organizations that have demonstrated a remarkable commitment to advancing the art, science and practice of professional coaching in their communities and beyond.  For 2018, ICF North Texas was named an honoree for the ICF Global Chapter Recognition Award. 

This award is given in recognition of chapters that:  
  • Create an attractive, credible presence and voice for professional coaching in its local community.
  • Exhibit qualities of a high-performing chapter (namely, agility, adaptability, accountability, sustainability, caring, innovation and relevance).
  • Create sustainable governance.
  • Ensure financial viability.
  • Define and manage culture.
  • Ensures infrastructure.

Chapters recognized for 2018 are:
  • ICF Australasia
  • ICF Cleveland
  • ICF Connecticut
  • ICF Egypt
  • ICF France
  • ICF Hong Kong
  • ICF Kenya
  • ICF Luxembourg
  • ICF New York City
  • ICF North Texas
  • ICF Switzerland
  • ICF Toronto
  • ICF United Kingdom
You can see our 2018 highlights represented here.  But, despite all these notable things, we must not forget that this award reflects the spirit in which they were achieved.  In 2017, the ICF NT Board of Directors created a set of values to guide the work of our chapter.  Those values include: Authenticity, Excellence, Innovation, Abundance and Community.  In 2018, the chapter demonstrated all of these values in various ways but we especially focused on Abundance and Community.  These values are based on the idea that when one of us benefits, we all benefit.  When one of us gets to know another one of us, the connection can benefit both people--on so many levels.   

We look forward to celebrating this award throughout the year with our members and look forward to growing our base of coaches who want to be a part of a truly special group of professionals.